Gary Neville reveals his frustration at Chelsea's move to Manchester City.

17 Nov

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ผลบอล ย้อนหลัง Gary Neville, legendary right-back, Manchester United, revealed his resentment at the time of Peter Schmeichel, a former goalkeeper who moved to Manchester City.

Neville has revealed the reason why he did not want to join hands with Schmeichel before the 2002 Manchester derby, which became one of the legendary events at the tunnel. League

"Looking back at that time. He moved out of Manchester United at the age of 35, and said he would retire. In general, it is to move out to play abroad, "said the former Fullback Red Devils.

Then when he came back You can not play for Manchester City, I'm a United fan and I do not have to play for City, I do not have the opportunity to play for Leeds and no. The day to play for Liverpool, this is what will be inscribed on the main stone. You can not play for those clubs. No matter what happens. "

"He won the Triple-A Championship with United in 1999, telling him he would retire. In fact, he should still be able to keep up with United for a few more years. At that time, we were having a lot of problems with goalkeeper Edwin (van der Sar). "

For the Blues, he moved from Manchester United to play for Sporting Lisbon in Portugal in 1999 before returning to ผลบอล ย้อนหลัง  the Premier League with Aston Villa and hanging the glove with Manchester City later.

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