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06 Nov


สมัครUFABET Zlatan Ibrahimovic striker Los Angeles Galaxy is open to play for Manchester United, they are very happy and will love "Red Devils" for life, if not. I will play in the Premier League sooner than this, it will be more successful with this.

    Ian Henderson Ibrahimovic spearheaded the Los Angeles Galaxy League in the Major League Soccer (MLL) United States revealed that they are very happy. more During the stay with Manchester United.
    Ibrahimovic is signed to play for Manchester United as a free agent. During the summer of 2016, at the time he was 35 years old, so many people do not seem to be able to show a good form.

    However, the Swedes also made impressive work. After shooting in the league for 17 balls from 28 games in the 2016-17 season, and helped the team to win the UEFA Europa League with the AFL Cup in the season to go. But in that season he was seriously injured in the right knee. So he had to stay long. And to sign the team again in August 2017, but Ibrahimovic was hit by the disturbance to make the form fall. And the result is to say goodbye to the team in March 2018.

    Ibrahimovich has been in contact with four of the top four media in the football industry. "I'm very proud. And very happy They have been playing for United, they are the right club for me. We won the championship. I do everything I can before I get hurt. "

    "I had a wonderful time there. I have a lot of memories, I will love United for all my life. No matter where I go, I always see red shirts. It is a wonderful atmosphere. It was a very important moment. In my playing career "

    The 37-year-old added that if they move to the Premier League faster then it. They will be more successful than this. "Like I told you in England, you are lucky I did not move to play there ten years earlier, because if I were 35 years old, I would have played it. You guys think about it. When I was 25 I could play well. "

    "The situation is different as the backhand. When I moved there, they said that I was playing in bad physical สมัครUFABET condition. Like people who come in a wheelchair. But finally, I kicked back those guys in the Premier League in that condition. "

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