"Miu" Ring Girl Fight Boxing K-1 Krush Raw fish.

31 Oct

สมัคร UFABET 

สมัคร UFABET In fist circles In addition to the violence in the fight. The department has arranged a beautiful corner for fans to rest their eyes that is "Ring Girl" that aims to create a colorful. And entertain the audience on the field. With the number sign raised during the boxers. With little clothes.

Today we will take to know Koji Miyuki beautiful girl from Shizuoka. The ring of the K-1 Krush fight in Japan. She is not celebrity celebrity in the entertainment industry. There are nearly 3,000 fans in the Instagram.

 In addition, 25-year-old ringgirls สมัคร UFABET also have many other jobs. Whether it is a photo shoot for a magazine, a product presenter. And get a show on the TV show.

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